More Films From the River Bank – Saturday 8th June – GlenFrome Primary School, Eastville, Bristol

More Films by the River Bank Programme_FINALCOPY

MSW_Film afternoon flier_8th June 2013

We are running an afternoon of Frome-themed films as part of the extension to the Multi-story water project. The event is entitled: ‘More films from the River Bank’, and will take place in GlenFrome Primary School (Eastville, Bristol) on Saturday 8th June, 1-4 pm. On request, this is a re-run of the films shown under the M32 during the Multi-story-water Performance weekend in September 2012, with some new additions. Additions will include a new film made by a local filmmaker in the Eastville community that draws on local water stories, and digital stories created from the oral history interviews we gathered as a key part of the Multi-story water project. The event is free and there will be free tea and home-made cakes and refreshments. Please join us if you can, and feel free to pass this invitation on.  The draft programme of films is provided as an attachment to this post.

Best wishes, Lindsey, Jess, Jo and the project team

A date for the diary: ‘More Films by the River Bank’ – Saturday 8th June 2013

Due to several requests from people in Eastville, we are going to have a repeat showing of the Multi-Story-Water-Eastville films and audio (originally screened underneath the M32) in Glen Frome Primary School (tbc) on Saturday afternoon 8th June 2013. There will be free refreshments and homemade cakes.  We are working with a local film maker to produce a new film about Eastville and the River Frome in the spirit of some of the early films by Mervyn Upton. We are also adding some new digital stories (short audio clips with images), produced with Eastville residents focusing on their memories and local knowledge of the River Frome.

We are now looking for community members to help us with the development of the film and the film showing on the 8th June.  You can help in a variety of ways: by suggesting scenes and stories about the River Frome at Eastville that could form part of the new film; by offering photographs of Eastville and the River Frome that could be included in the digital stories; or by offering to be part of the film.

We are working to ensure that the Multi-Story-Water-Eastville project provides a legacy of resources that can be accessed and added to.  With the individual’s agreement all digital stories will be lodged on the Multi-Story-Water-Eastville website and also on the Bristol Stories project website.

Please get in touch at .  We look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes, Lindsey

Lindsey McEwen, University of the West of England, Bristol.


Working with GlenFrome Primary School, Eastville

We continued working with GlenFrome Primary School on river project-work up to Christmas.  The children had a river day on the River Frome above Eastville Lake on 8th  November 2012 and put on a great show of their work at the School on 10th December 2012.  Thank you to everyone who supported that event.  The following week, the children staged the same exhibition at the Create Centre, in central Bristol.  Many thanks to Glen Frome School, and Lisa Worgan and Alys Parker (Real Ideas Organisation) for their work on this part of the project.  A practical toolbox (A River Topic: How can we tell people about the power of Rivers and Flooding?) produced from this school work is now being shared with other Bristol schools.  Please get in touch at if you would like further information.

Update: Photographs and audio from the Multi-Story Water, Eastville Performance Weekend

All the photographs from the Performance Weekend are on the project website.  Many thanks to Jess Allen (Arts Facilitator) for getting these posted.

We now have copy of the oral history excerpts/ community narratives that were interwoven with music during the Promenade Dance-Circus Performance on Sunday 30th September 2012.  If anyone would like a copy on CD, please contact: .  The music has been removed for copyright reasons.  In November 2012, Ali Crowther (Streets Alive) contacted some residents about their memories of the Performance Weekend and the project more generally.  If you have any further feedback that you would like to add now – looking back at the activities and your engagement with living with the River Frome – please email us at .

Eastville Multi-Story Water introductory meeting for stakeholders – 23 May 2012 (evening 7.30-9.15) at Glen Frome School, Eastville

We would like to invite you to an introductory meeting about the Multi-Story Water Eastville project, and find out how you would like to see the project work in the Eastville area. Initially we are talking to “stakeholders” – that is people who belong to an organisation or group which is active or working in the area. Individual residents are also very welcome. The other half of the project is in Shipley, near Bradford where a similar section of water has been chosen.

At this meeting, further details will be provided about the project; there will be plenty of opportunities for discussion. There will be people from the organisations active in the project – for example, UWE, the University of Bristol’s Cabot Institute, Streets Alive, as well as regulatory and responsible bodies like Bristol City Council and the Environment Agency.

What are the positives and negatives about living by the river Frome? The main aim of the meeting is to listen to what the local active groups feel would be appropriate for the area. We want to find out what is already going on, and what the hopes and fears are of the groups in the area. Ideally we would then come up with activities which enhance what is already going on – taking some ideas to the next stage and leaving behind a legacy of visible change.

Meeting details:
Where: Glenfrome Road (
When: 7.30 – 9.15 pm Wednesday 23 May 2012.
Who: People from groups active in the Eastville area bordering the river who are interested in the river Frome
Refreshments will be served.

The workshop will be run in a participatory way to get the most out of the short time we have together.

Outcomes of the project could be:
• Street parties – have already been suggested by some neighbours
• Community arts projects – a textile project has already been suggested by neighbours.
• Water stories/ oral history collected from the neighbourhood and lodged with MShed to preserve social and environmental history for future.
• Arts related workshops and events – we have an arts facilitator ready to hear your ideas.
• Water related workshops and events – if required scientists from the Cabot Institute, Bristol University, University of the West of England, and Environment Agency could help with this
• Workshops focusing on local history and geography around the Frome – drawing on local knowledge
• A weekend of activities in September 2012 to mark the culmination of activities

We do hope you will be able to join us at this introductory workshop. To help with numbers for refreshments, please could you email [email protected] (project admin support) if you know you are able to come to the meeting.

Yours sincerely

The Eastville Multi-Story Water project team