Working with GlenFrome Primary School, Eastville

We continued working with GlenFrome Primary School on river project-work up to Christmas.  The children had a river day on the River Frome above Eastville Lake on 8th  November 2012 and put on a great show of their work at the School on 10th December 2012.  Thank you to everyone who supported that event.  The following week, the children staged the same exhibition at the Create Centre, in central Bristol.  Many thanks to Glen Frome School, and Lisa Worgan and Alys Parker (Real Ideas Organisation) for their work on this part of the project.  A practical toolbox (A River Topic: How can we tell people about the power of Rivers and Flooding?) produced from this school work is now being shared with other Bristol schools.  Please get in touch at [email protected] if you would like further information.

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