Flow – a promenade dance-circus performance under the M32

Closing the Multi-Story Performance Weekend on Sunday 30th September was Flow our promenade performance. A meandering river of dance and circus, Flow was designed to animate the M32 flyover space (from the Tesco (Jn 2) roundabout down to the River Frome at the edge of Eastville Park) with community memories of the Frome, bringing these water stories to life through song and performance. In this way, there is a kind of initiation, joining a certain history and culture. If you want to create a certain story about it, but you don't have enough inspiration, with write my discussion board post you can turn to a specialist in a certain field for help. Featuring performances from the Gasworks Choir, Stapleton Beavers, Fromeside Rainbows, Kinesis and Rise youth dance companies, New Foundations, the City of Bristol College Dance Theatre Performance degree students, Linn Broden (slackrope) and aerial dance finale of flood-escaping wall-runners and diving kingfishers by Full Tilt Aerial Theatre. The photos here follow the process from the aerial devising and rehearsals at The Island and Circomedia (photos by Linn Broden and Hollly Reid) to the on-site dance rehearsals and final performance event itself (photos by Hannah Ranken, with additional pictures by Steve Bottoms).


Facilitation, concept, production – Jess Allen
Production assistant – Jo Bushell
Aerial choreography and direction – Rowan Fae and Jess Allen
Ground choreography – Julia Thorneycroft (Beavers, Rainbows, Kinesis, degree students), Helen Wilson (Rise), Cleo Lake (New Foundations)
Rigging – Max Morley, Ben Osbourne
Sound and lighting – Bert Lewis and 12 Volt Joe (Know Alternative)
Stage management and costume – Keda Breeze
Street art – Felix Braun and Jack Tierney

Gasworks Singers
Music Ide Were, Kakilambe, I Am a River
Conductor Dee Jarlett
Performers Joy Carey; Roberta Carradine; Sonya Clifton; Julie Cooke; Paul Cox; John Drowley; Gill  Elsmore; Alison Evans; Kirsty Foreman; Helen Grant; Maggie Haines; Pommy Harmer; Peter Jackson; Becky Joce; Nicola Ley; Pip Morgan; Ali Phillips; Ros Pollard; Gillian Rice; Judith Rieser; Martin Rieser; Ruth Sidgwick; Tim Trout; Sue Walker

197th Bristol/1st Stapleton Beaver Scouts
Music La Grande Cascade – René Aubry
Choreography Julia Thorneycroft

69th Bristol Rainbows
Music La Petite Cascade – René Aubry
Choreography Julia Thorneycroft

Circomedia Youth Stilt Troupe: City Circus
Rebecca Fitzgerald
Performers Ruby Byrne; Bene Dean; Liwanu Dodangoda; Josh Dunn; Billie Landry; Ben Landry; Jake Seaborn

Ensemble Dancers – City of Bristol College Dance Theatre Performance
Choreography Julia Thorneycroft
Music Salento – René Aubry
Performers Emily Greenhalgh; Dagmara Grzesik; Elliot Harvey; Eloise Maidment; Debbie Porter; Celine Roblin-Robson; Ella Taswell; Ella Wormley-Healing; Jamie-May

Kinesis Youth Dance Company
Music Teartear – Autechre
Choreography Julia Thorneycroft
Performers Natasha Appleby; Oisin Baber; Finn Bowyer-Hammersley; Zoe Brennan; Izzy Bridge; Rebecca Cliff; Mabli Davies; Delilah Grocott Cain; Olive Hardy; Allie Kitson; Csenge Kliszki; Louise MacPhail; Sammy Miller; Sydra Perryman; Ruby Portus; Phoebe Read; Raf Sattler; Ross Wilson; Catherine Winter; Eastre Wye

RISE Youth Dance
Music Fly – Dark Sky
Choregraphy Helen Wilson
Performers Ban Alwari ; Megan Barclay ; Natalie Champion ; Chanice Cooke-Khan; Mabli Davies ; Camerin Fearon; Delilah Grocott Cain; Olive Hardy; Jasmin Nowak; Ella Persson; Sydra Perryman; Deanna Roberts; Monika; Ruby Portus; Phoebe Read; Raf Sattler; Gemma Trott; Hannah Weekes

New Foundations
‘Bridges’ Devised by Cleo Lake
Poetry by Agatha Nahaul
Music The Dark, Dark House – Smith & Mighty
Performers Cleo Lake; Agatha Nahaul; Chloe Laing; Shauna; Shidiamond; Rhianna; Romany

Full Tilt Aerial
Aerial choreography Rowan Fae and Jess Allen
Music Qualia: Burnt, Qualia: Pas de Deux – Scanner
Aerial performers Jess Allen; Rowan Fae; Hannah Darby; Abagail Evans; Rebecca Mayfield; Ziggy Slingsby

Linn Broden

Dave and Joy Fox; Wendy Harris and Joyce; Read Jones; Earnest Joy; Fred and Louise Saville; Mervin Upton; Jack Withers

Supported by Circomedia, PRS for Music

With thanks to: Highways Agency – Andy Roberts  and Jacqui Ashman; Atkins-Skanska – John Ford and Jessica Moss; Bristol City Council – Denise James, Sam Parker, Neil Burwell, Pete Watts, Andy Mills; May Gurney – Andy Gingell; Merchants Arms – Sam and Nathan; Arcadia, The Island, Dancespace – Jess Langton, Movement Collective – Adele Proctor, Annie Kantor, Sarah Shute, Kim Woodward, Rebecca Fitzgerald, Vicki Hearne, Tim Bartelot, Simon Dilly, Peter Munro, UWE – Nancy Campbell, Paul Revell, Chris Wade, Chloe Hyde, Jenny Ford, Julie Harvey, Lynn Goh, Sam Viner.

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