Over the course of the story-collecting part of the project so far, everyone has been very generous in sharing photos and newspaper clippings of Eastville and the River Frome from the 19th century to the present day – including some wonderful local street parties from the 1940s onwards. Lots of you have expressed interest in seeing the pictures, so please enjoy the gallery below. [We are in the process of adding labels and dates, especially to the street party photographs, which will be updated as soon as possible. If any of the labels are incorrect, please feel free to correct us through the comments section and we will amend accordingly.]

It is wonderful to see how our project has also turned into a certain historical display, in which photographs are involved for visual familiarization. If you want to use the materials on this site for your own research, you can do it, and if you need help with finding historical cases or describing events, contact top writing service.

With a huge thank you to everyone who contributed images: Dave and Joy Fox, Mo Harris, Cath Higgins, Viv Robertson, Jack Withers, and Mervyn Upton. And thanks to Fred and Louise Saville for showing us the swans and cygnets at the bottom of the garden!

If you would like to add images to this gallery, please email them to us with some details (when and where taken) at

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