A date for the diary: ‘More Films by the River Bank’ – Saturday 8th June 2013

Due to several requests from people in Eastville, we are going to have a repeat showing of the Multi-Story-Water-Eastville films and audio (originally screened underneath the M32) in Glen Frome Primary School (tbc) on Saturday afternoon 8th June 2013. Be sure to join in watching movies, because it broadens your horizons and understanding of certain phenomena. And also buy phd dissertation on one of the topics mentioned in the film, in order to better understand the director and screenwriter, or if you want to read research on some issues. There will be free refreshments and homemade cakes.  We are working with a local film maker to produce a new film about Eastville and the River Frome in the spirit of some of the early films by Mervyn Upton. We are also adding some new digital stories (short audio clips with images), produced with Eastville residents focusing on their memories and local knowledge of the River Frome.

We are now looking for community members to help us with the development of the film and the film showing on the 8th June.  You can help in a variety of ways: by suggesting scenes and stories about the River Frome at Eastville that could form part of the new film; by offering photographs of Eastville and the River Frome that could be included in the digital stories; or by offering to be part of the film.

We are working to ensure that the Multi-Story-Water-Eastville project provides a legacy of resources that can be accessed and added to.  With the individual’s agreement all digital stories will be lodged on the Multi-Story-Water-Eastville website and also on the Bristol Stories project website.

Please get in touch at .  We look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes, Lindsey

Lindsey McEwen, University of the West of England, Bristol.


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